THANK YOU to our Global Giving donors !

Marjorie Lazaro, François Million, Déborah Roques, Yves Castagne, Annie Dubuy, Bertrand Le Martret, Agnès Ledru, Elisabeth Olivieri-Valois, Patricia Bourgain, Alexandre Desprez, Rachel & Nicolas Vogel, Valentine & Jacques Palluel, Jonathan Verhaeghe, Céline Oliveira, Marie Giffard, Michael Jacobsen, Yvick Allioux, Robena Hassan, Marika West, Daniel Fontaine, Jean-Christophe Diu, Mehdi Laksari, Simon Trichot, Isabelle Prevost, Finaritra Ramialison, Estelle & Patrick Kim, Béatrice Lê, Team Canada, Mélanie Hardy, Marion Erauso, Laure Brignone, Sim & Flo, Monique Decottignies, Dominique Faure, Jean-Philippe Turmaud, Elliot Singer, Gabrielle Moreno, Robert Contour, Fabrice Castel, Sandrine Binet, Danielle Render, Sandrine & Gilbert Vial, Thérèse M'Boungoubaya, Amélie Anache, Mirana Randriananja & Guillaume Teixidor, Brigitte Lachize, Adrien Crivellaro, Thierry Guillot, Piero Seracca Guerrieri, Isabelle Monsieur, Daniel Ress, Audrey Nirrengarten, Pierre Marcel, Martine Noyel, Stéphane Lecomte, Catalina Lopez, Alexandre De Meaussé, Fanny Langlade, Olivier Perraud, Elisabeth Barbier, Silvia Ursu, Sébastien Pascal Forest, Henriette Huynh, Carol Ingenito, Lean Asido, Sarah Jane Espiritu, Mary Kownacki, Hilton Dubai Jumeirah, Katrina Catan.


Global Giving Open Challenge: it is YOUR success !

The Global Giving Open Challenge is now over and thanks to you all, we have been able to raise 6,254 USD in only ONE MONTH! Our 65 donors allowed our organization, HOST-NGO, to become a permanent partner in the Global Giving community.

Global Giving is a charity fundraising website based on crowdfunding, which gives social entrepreneurs and non-profits from anywhere in the world a chance to raise money to improve their communities. We now have the opportunity to fully access their fundraising tools and services, which will greatly enhance our financial capacity and help expanding our on-field intervention.

Despite the end of the challenge, the trip is not over. The road to happiness for everyone is long and bumpy. But we all believe that we can achieve a lot with the support of all these great individuals!

HOST-NGO team is still looking for donations to implement the project focusing on supporting the street children of Bacolod City in the Philippines. The donations raised will be dedicated to reinforcing the rehabilitation opportunities available to help the street children and the children at risk to access better living conditions: access to accommodation facilities, fulfilment of their basic needs, education and training, health and medical care, etc. Our final fundraising goal is indeed to reach US$ 20,000 in order to be able to effectively address the critical issues faced every day by the children in the streets.

If you are willing to support this project, you may follow the link below. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need further information on this initiative. We wish to warmly thank you all, our precious current and future donors, for your generous and essential support!


THANK YOU to our generous donors in France !

Jérôme Deya, Virgine Banier, Rachel Vogel, Rebecca Faye, Christophe Valli, Bertrand Galimard, Yann Ramus, Marie-Noelle Bouverne, Julie Heyrauld, Boris Dubouis, Muriel Benetti, Simon Olivieri, Cathia Toromanoff, Fanette Guichard, France Gacoin, Isabelle Gibas, Concept Soleil, Labo du Rire, PE'CH, Fabulary, Mister Fevrier